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                                                                                                                  Serving the Nebraska Communities of Alexandria, Belvidere, Bruning,
                                                                                                                Byron, Carleton, Chester, Davenport,
Deshler, Gilead, Hebron and Hubbell.

          Clerk of the District Court
          The Thayer County Clerk of the District Court is an elected office. The term of
         Useful Links     the office is four years.

          Historical Information


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    Functions of the District Court's Office:

          Calendar of Events

    In addition to being the Administrative Office of the Court, the Clerks of the


    District Courts are responsible for maintaining the records of criminal and civil


    cases, the Court's dockets and processing judgments.

          Economic Development

              Tourism     Other duties of the District Court Office are:
              UNL Extension        • Issue writs and orders.
              Weather Forecast    

   • File and preserve all papers delivered to the Court.

              NE Dept of Health & Human Services        • Certificate / Authentication of Court filings.
              Public Health        • Make entry of return of every summons, subpoena and order served.
              Thayer County Museum    

   • Keep the records pertaining to the Court, and record its proceedings.

              Contact Us        • Provide and process protection order applications.
             • Prepare and file the annual inventory statement of all county personal
               property in his or her custody or possession.
             • Track all Court costs, fees, fines, restitution and judgments ordered in
               each case filed.
             • Protection Order Forms.
                                  District Court's Office
                     225 North 4th Street, Room 302
                               Hebron, NE 68370
                            Phone: (402) 768-6116
                              Fax: (402) 768-6128
                             Stacey L . McLaughlin, Clerk
                             Barb Onnen - District Court Assistant
                       Office Hours: Monday - Friday
                               7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
          District Court Forms
             • Child Support
             • Divorce
             • Protection Orders
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