Thayer County Government


                                                                                                                  Serving the Nebraska Communities of Alexandria, Belevidere, Bruning,
                                                                                                                Byron, Carleton, Chester, Davenport,
Deshler, Gilead, Hebron and Hubbell.

         Useful Links    

     •To collect all revenues for the County


          Historical Information


     •To bill and collect all real estate and personal taxes in the County


          Online Forms


     •To issue motor vehicle titles


          Calendar of Events


     •Register all motor vehicles with tax situs in the County




     •To issue driver licenses, C.D.L.'s, learner permits, I.D. cards, school



           permits, etc.

          Economic Development


     •To disburse collections to the proper political subdivisions


     •Boat Registration

              UNL Extension    
     •Snowmobile Registration
              Weather Forecast    
              NE Dept of Health & Human Services    
                               Treasurer's Office
              Public Health    
                            225 N 4th St. Room #204
              Thayer County Museum    
                                 Hebron NE 68370
              Contact Us    
                              Phone: (402)768-6227
                                Fax: (402)768-7232
                                 Karen Prellwitz - Treasurer
              Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
          Informational Materials Available:

     •CDL Manual


     •Driver License Manual


     •Motorcycle Operator Manual


     •Boating Guides


     •Specialty License Plate Applications      


     •Handicap Parking Permit Applications


     •Motor Vehicle Registration System

          Look-Up Your Thayer County Real Estate Taxes On-Line

     •Nebraska Taxes Online

          To Renew your Motor Vehicle registrations online

     •Motor Vehicle Registrations Renewal

          Frequently Asked Questions
          Important Links:

     •Driver Licenses


     •Titles and Registration


     •Complete List of all Downloadable Applications, Forms, and Reports

                  from the Department of Motor Vehicles

     •Nebraska State Treasurer


     •Nebraska.Gov: Official Website for Nebraska


     •Nebraska State Auditor


     •Nebraska Game & Parks


     •Boating Registrations Renewals


     •VitalChek - Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records


     •Nebraska Spending


     •Need to Check your current Driver's License Point Totals


     •Nebraska Online Practice Drivers Exam


     •Ultimate E-Book for Car Information

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